May = Mental Health Awareness Month

May = Mental Health Awareness Month

For the month of May, we will offer tips on how to maintain a positive state of mind. The first step, is to acknowledge that you have the power to determine how you handle life's challenges...and trust me, you will face's a part of life. Starting this month choose to be happy despite your circumstances. I know that varying situations can throw you off your game, but that's what the enemy desires for, don't let satan sift you (Luke 22).   

In order to have a positive state of mind, you have to identify the source of negativity and replace it with positive thoughts and actions. If you make a mistake, own it, ask for forgiveness and rebound.  When others treat you unkindly, forgive them and let's simply not worth holding onto.  During trials, be sure to learn from the lesson...



Wishing you the Most! -



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