Beauty Gate Activated Hardwood Black Charcoal

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Experience the benefits of our detoxifying activated black charcoal.

  • Naturally derived from coconut carbon
  • Used to absorb toxic substances
  • Whitens teeth naturally
  • Acne treatment
Beauty Gate Cosmetics Acne-Fighting Facial Mask

Raw Ingredients


  1. In a small glass bowl, blend your dry ingredients: rhassoul clay and activated charcoal powder
  2. Add tea tree oil and slowly pour witch hazel into the mixture. Gently stir the mixture until you achieve a smooth consistency.

The Goal: A smooth yogurt-like texture. If your mixture is too dry, no worries, simply add a few small drops of witch hazel until you reach the desired consistency.


Evenly apply the Acne-Fighting Facial Mask to your face. Let the mask rest for 10-15 minutes. Using warm water and a washcloth, gently rinse the mask off of your face. Follow with a moisturizer.


Apply weekly to maintain beautiful and glowing skin!


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