Awild Soapbar Juniper Berry Shampoo & Body Soap

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Ditch the plastic bottle with our newest all over shampoo & body bar enriched with the natural antiseptic properties of an invigorating juniper berry essential oil blend. 3.5 oz. boxed bar

OPTIONAL: Follow your shampoo with a natural hair rinse (below) to promote shine & remove buildup. This rinse is also great for dandruff. Your hair will feel differently than when you shampooed with synthetic products, so give yourself at least a week to adjust.

Natural Hair Rinse
2 TBS apple cider vinegar
2 TBS fresh lemon juice
3 C distilled water
a drop or two of essential oil (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a clean squeeze bottle & apply after shampooing as a final rinse. The slight vinegar smell will be undetectable when your hair dries. Recipe may be doubled or tripled to make more than one application.


premium saponified vegetable oils (organic extra virgin olive, organic coconut, sustainable organic palm, organic castor, organic sunflower, organic jojoba), organic aloe, distilled water, organic oat, essential oils (juniper berry, mandarin, bergamot, cedarwood, pine), wild juniper berry, sea salt, earth pigment.


"I've been using the Yucca Root shampoo bar but decided to try the Juniper Berry.  I like it just as much if not more!  Maybe it's the eucalyptus, but it smells really good to me.  Thanks for another fantastic shampoo bar!"  -Leslie Dupree in Fayetteville, AK