Locs Protected Flexi-Scarves™ Fl. Green

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Our Flexi-Scarves™ are made from 100% polyester and offers amazing versatility.  Everyone loves the super flexibility of Beauty Gate Cosmetics - Flexi-Scarves.   This stylish scarf can elevate your hair game...whether you love messy buns or ponytails...our Flexi-Scarve is definitely a welcomed addition to any style.   Wear it as a sweatband, narrow or wide headband, durag, ponytail holder, wristband, neck scarf, belly band, or tube top.  The Flexi-Scarve can also be used as a face mask or ear covers during cooler months.  You have the flexibility to choose how you rock your Flexi-scarves!   Additional Information:
  • Soft and gentle for your precious tresses.
  • Easy care.  Machine wash on cold cycle and tumble dry.