About Us

About Us 

Welcome to Go Natural 24/7, The Holistic Health, Hair and Skin Cafe’. The owners at Go Natural 24/7 believe in taking a holistic approach to care. "It's simply not enough to look beautiful...our goal is to inspire our customers to take proactive measures to adopt a healthy lifestyle to feel beautiful from the inside out." 

At Go Natural 24/7, we offer a diverse selection of health supplements, organic essential and carrier oils, raw ingredients for formulators and natural & organic hair and skin care products.  Go Natural 24/7 also manufacturers their own line of fair trade organic and natural hair & skin care products.  We have also recently opened a non-chemical hair salon at our Del City location. We have received so much love and support from natural enthusiast throughout Oklahoma, across the United States and abroad and we would like to take this opportunity to say, Thank you! 


Go Natural 24/7, The Health, Hair and Skin Cafe’ is devoted to catering to the unique needs of natural enthusiasts! Originally, founded in Oklahoma City, OK in Feb 2011, Go Natural 24/7 has three locations in the greater Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Additionally, we have an online retail store for naturals around the globe!


To promote awareness of safer alternatives to health, hair and skin care products.  At Go Natural 24/7 we truly believe that natural is a way of life! We are dedicated to supporting the lifestyle of customers that have made a decision to Go Natural. We understand that being natural is a journey; therefore, we strive to provide personalized service, high quality products and fast response times so that every customer has a positive experience!


“To empower our customers to redefine beauty in their own unique way” 

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and we encourage you to Go Natural 24/7!

Specialized Services 

Natural Hair Journey Customers: If you are currently natural, transitioning, or contemplating beginning the natural process, please call us for more information. We specialize in providing guidance throughout your journey. Please note: Going natural does not always require the Big Chop…there are other options.
We believe in providing exceptional customer service and look forward to a lasting relationship with you! If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 1-405-601-4673.
The Go Natural 24/7 Staff
”Enjoy your Journey to Natural”
Phone:   405-601-4673