Anita Grant Curl Conditioning MILK (For Extra Dry Hair)

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Suitable for all curly hair types.
With a pH of 4.5 - 5.5 our Curl Conditioning Milk, revitalises and restores dry, heat damaged, colour-treated and relaxed hair to its former health. Excellent for those transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.
Enriched with: 
- Organic Andiroba (which contains omega-3 fatty acids and linolenic acid the same natural acids found in all hair)
- Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (used on the Molucca Islands, as a scalp stimulant to encourage healthy hair growth)
Packaged in dark brown glass bottles.
Vegan Friendly

All of our curl conditioning milks are rich in: 
* vitamins A, B5, C, E, 
* omega 3 fatty acids (purported to feed hair follicles and stimulate growth)
* zinc (to maintain the production of healthy hair)
* calcium and antioxidants to strengthen the hair from root to tip. 
Protecting curls from the potential negative effects of the environment.


Usage - For best results apply in sections. 
* For thick, medium and tightly coiled textured curls apply a small amount to the ends of either, dry, damp or wet hair. Working your way up from your ends to the roots.  
* Finger comb through your hair to gently detangle. 
* For fine loose curls apply a small amount from the mid-section, of your hair, to avoid adding weight at the roots. 
* Depending on your curl pattern, texture and porosity you can either rinse the curl conditioner out or leave it in. 
* For those with dry, thick, tight, curl textures we recommend that you leave the curl conditioner in.
Use daily as required.