Blue Spring Foot & Leg Comfort Cream 2oz

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Foot and Leg Comfort with Emu Oil is a topical natural cream developed to increase circulation and relieve tired achy swollen feet and legs. Increase Circulation and Reduce Swelling Naturally!

Foot and leg Comfort with Emu Oil quickly soothes and revitalizes sore and tired feet and legs. Many of our customers use it before they go to bed because it helps them sleep better.

It is safe for diabetics, reduces swelling and increases circulation.

Foot and Leg Comfort with Emu Oil is a rich and soothing combination of Arnica, Emu Oil, Aloe Vera, Menthol and 9 natural herbs. It helps improve circulation and revitalizes tired legs and feet. As an added benefit it reduces swelling and deeply moisturizes feet, legs and cracked heels.