Go Natural 24/7 Jar - 4 oz Clear Jar and Lid

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Phthalate Free: False

This jar is made of PET plastic. 
Jar Height: 2.25". Top Requirement: 58/400.
Best Shrink Wrap Size: 95x55. Made in the U.S.A.

Composition: PET Plastic (Virgin)
Recycle Number: 1

Total Jar Height: 2.25" 
Jar Diameter: 2.25"
Top Requirements: 58/400
Country of Origin: United States 

Clarity: Clear
Stiffness: High 
Impact Resistance: Excellent 
Scuff Resistance: Fair 

Fragrance Oil greater than 15%: Poor 
Essential Oil greater than 5%: Poor
pH less than 7: Good 
pH greater than 7: Fair 
Alcohols: Good 
Mineral Oils: Good 
Heat: Fair 
Cold: Good 
Sunlight: Good

This information is supplied for use as a guideline only. Information may vary under certain conditions. It is the responsibility of the customer to test the compatibility of each bottle for its intended use.

Available Quantities:

   • $1.49 for 1 Jars
   • $9.63 for 12 Jars
   • $28.96 for 48 Jars
   • $200.75 for 360 Jars
   • $310.96 for 760 Jars