Anita Grant Curl Conditioning Clay Hair Wash Treatment

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Only suitable for those with thick, parched, natural Afro hair that would like a shampoo and/or co-wash alternative. Works well in hard or soft water areas.
Thoroughly cleanses the hair by removing product buildup allowing for better moisture retention and styling.
Contains high levels of silica and iron, which are excellent for cleansing the hair.
Greatly enhances the curl pattern in the hair.
After the first application you *may* notice:   
• Your curly hair and scalp feeling clean but not stripped.
• Improvement in natural texture, strength and appearance of your hair.
• Increased sheen and curl definition.
• Improved manageability and softness.

Easily de-tangle fine, matted, naturally curly hair:
Apply our Curl Conditioning Clay Hair Wash in small sections, leave it on for a least 10-15 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Finger detangle, in sections, whilst your hair is still wet. You should notice your natural curly, coils define and "pop" each time you run your fingers through you hair. 

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly.

Curl Conditioning Clay Hair Wash