Go Natural 24/7 Grandma's Acne Bar Oily Skin

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Grandma's Acne Bar with Thyme is designed especially for oily skin. This special soap won't clog pores. Use every day all over your face and body, before bed and additionally as needed to clean pores. After a week of regular use, you'll notice soft, supple and clear skin. Grandma's Acne Bar is hand cut and made with lard, water, castor, lye, oatmeal and thyme.

Ingredients: Food Grade Lard, Water, Castor, Lye, Oatmeal & Thyme.

Use this special acne soap as your only "all over daily shower soap" for face & body. Wash before bed & additionally as needed to clean pores. Continue using after acne clears to fight bacteria with thyme to keep pores clean & acne under control.

Acne may appear to worsen at first because Acne Bar is cleaning the pores and drawing out the impurities. Cystic acne may take considerably longer to improve.

For Oily Skin.