My Honey Child Honey Love Mature Loc Gel (8 oz)

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What is it : Hair locing gel
What does it do: Provides hold for baby or mature locs

Benefits: Coffee butter/ Oil is rich in phytosterols which promote excellent moisture retention, and quick penetration. 

Who benefits: Provides hold for new or mature locs.


The Honey Love Mature Loc Gel can be used to retwist baby and mature locs .Never creates unwanted build up. The Honey Love Mature Loc Gel can also be used for twist styles. The coffee butter smooths down the frizzes and helps to seal in moisture, while Perilla Seed Oil provides essential healing properties against a dry itchy scalp.

  • Starts & maintains locks & twists
  • Long lasting hold
  • No build up


Purified water, coffee butter , aloe vera jelly, raw honey, broccoli seed oil , perilla seed oil , and optiphen (preservative).

After shampooing towel dry. Apply To root or new growth and twist with fingers or a small comb. Also the palm roll technique can be used on more advanced locks.. New lock startup: Sit under a hair dryer for 30 minutes after locking is complete. Daily use: Apply generous amount to the root and new growth. Twist with fingers or palm roll. Store in a cool dry place.