My Honey Child Olive You Light Conditioner (8 oz)

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What is it: Deep penetrating daily conditioner.

What does it do: Hydrates and coats hair and scalp .

Benefits: Olive oil has been around for centuries, and once said to be called “liquid gold” for its many benefits, olive oil has proven to be an excellent treatment for hair. Olive Oil improves scalp condition and adds shine and body to hair.

Who benefits: People with dry or chemically processed hair.

The Olive You Light Conditioner naturally restores hairs natural beauty and overrides chemical and environmental damage. It formulated to deeply penetrate, nourish and condition dry, damaged, chemically-processed hair.

  • Provides intense conditioning 
  • Strengthens and moisturize

Ingredients  :
Purified water ,olive oil ,olive butter base ,honey, gelatin, coconut milk, cocoa butter oil ,coconut water ,lemon essential oil, fragrance , 
phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol (Optiphen®).


Shake well. Apply to towel dried hair. Generously apply to hair and scalp. Cover with a plastic cap for 15 minutes. Remove cap and rinse. Store in a cool dry place.