My Honey Child Sophia's Old Fashioned Hair Grease (4 oz)

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What is it : Hair Grease, scalp hydrator

What does it do : Soothes , coats scalp and hair

Rosemary is reputed to promote the growth and thickness of your hair.

Who benefits: People who had a mama who used Blue Magic.


Details: The Story:  Blue Magic, the green colored was my momma's thing. Well this was inspired by the old days, but minus the petroleum, with all natural ingredients. Momma would be proud. Love you Maggi.
  •  Helps prevent dry, dull hair and flaky itchy scalp
  •  Smooth formula


Sunflower butter, raw honey, rosemary oil, olive oil, fruit enzymes, and fragrance.

( This product may feel gritty initially, take a small amount and place in palms and emulsify, the gritty feel will melt. Sunflower butter will tend to do this.)


Apply to hair whenever you feel a girl just gotta have some grease. Get that natural shine .Apply a small amount to hair and scalp daily. Massage gently. Comb or brush hair thoroughly and style. Can be used for press and curls. Store in a cool dry place.