Solo Noir Sleek Pre-Shave + Shave Cream

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“Sleek” Pre Shave + Shave Cream

  •   100% Organic 2-in-1 Pre-shave + Shave Cream offers a unique blend of essential oils to help protect the skin from razor burns and ingrown hairs
  •   Our non-foaming formula offers superior shaving accuracy that can be used to soften even the toughest hair shaft allowing for a closer shave.
  •   Can be used with clippers as a pre-shave cream to moisturize the shaving area or used with a razor for a smoother shave
  •   Prevents ingrown hairs and moisturizes the skin
  •   Key Ingredients: Marigold (wound healing, great for oily and sensitive skin), Blueberry Extract (antioxidants, collagen booster), Cupuassa Butter (soothes and softens facial hair and skin)
  • Paraben Free, Alcohol Free, Chemical Free, No Fragrances, No Dyes