Entwine {THE CLIQUE} Cleansing + Conditioning Duo 8oz

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It’s time to Emerge into a Haute-Couture Approach to Cleansing, Conditioning + Promoting Healthy Natural + Transitioning Hair!

Introducing The Clique  Style-Ready Cleansing + Conditioning Duo for soft, healthy, style-ready natural & transitioning hair. 

Team Work.  A Dynamic Duo. A Perfect Collaboration.  You’re Hair’s Soul Mates!  

1-{ACT ONE} Lathering Hair Bathe'
1-{ACT TWO} Creme Hair Rinse

Entwine® Naturalle Couture is bringing you the best in natural ingredients, with ‘real-world’ holistic technology  to give you the a one-of-a-kind salon-luxury cleansing and conditioning experience.  

Our  amazing two-part duo has been perfected with our exclusive Exotique Butter Oyl Blend™, a propriety blend of rare natural oils, butters, healthy hair vitamins and rich moisturizing conditioners, that gently and dynamically cleanse, hydrate and enhance the integrity of your natural hair prior to styling, creating the perfect foundation for any “naturalle-couture” style & healthy hair growth.